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New Ideas?

Hayy every one, its Kay. I was thinking, and i brought this up to a few others. You know how we always here people complaining how were like the only school without a homecoming? Well what if our dance was like a back-to-school dance? It doesnt have to be a formal or nothing, juss what ever. Idk a couple of us thought it was a great idea.

Secondly, I think I might... thats a might... be able to get us a dj for cheap for the dance... so if we need one let me kno, and ill see what i can do, cause we should deff. start organizing this.

Thirdly, I think we should have a meeting like after we get back to school, the week after. cause isnt the dance in september? idk exactly what day.

So i juss thought id throw some ideas out there haha

<3 Kay
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