cherry_blossomz (cherry_blossomz) wrote in millburyfashion,

Summer Stuff

Hello Everyone!!!

How is your summer so far? Well just wanted to let you know whats going on this summer. We will still have the "illigal carwash" but no official time or place has been set yet. If anyone has any ideas to where it should be than just leave a comment.

Also I had the idea that we should do something fun and productive this summer for fashion club. Not only will it get our portfolios started but to define what our club is really about. I was thinking maybee we should have a photoshoot this summer. I'll be getting a digital camera really soon so we could use that. Pluss we could do it at like a park or something for a really nice scenery.

Now the theme of the photoshoot is totally up to you guys. My ideas were either you're own personal style (like you wear an outfit picked out by you that describs your style) or like the garden of eiden (like on americas next top model). Or maybee even a haute couture one. I don't know. Those were just my ideas. Its whatever you guys want. So leave a comment if you have any suggestions or ideas.

By the way here are some pics of haute couture. Its pretty much funky makeup and cool clothes and stuff (sorry I would put them on here like regular pictures but my computer is broken so I can't get on to photobucket so these are the links to the pictures):



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