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Todays fashion club meeting...

Todays meeting we talked about a few things. The first is about the party were going to have next thursday in the cafiteria afterschool. Everyone who wants to attend please RSVP with me first. Either tell me in school or leave a comment on this post. If you can, please bring something with you or help set up. Any help at all is greatly apreciated (sorry if I'm a louser and spelled areciate wrong ^_^). Please attend this party because its going to be the last meeting in school.

Secondly, we talked about some of the activities we are going to do next year. Well since there are a few detecated soon-to-be seniors in the club, we want to start early so they can participate in the fashion show. I hope to acomplish the "illigal carwash" this summer so we will have the money to open the school bookstore and to be able to have a dance so we can make the money to have the fashion show early. Also we will have portfolios for desighners and models. Then I have a ton of other fun activities like t-shirt making, making an outfit from scrap (literaly), paper macche jewelry (it sounds tacky but I saw pictures and its EXTREEMLY cute), etc.

There will also be a quick fashion club meeting either in the morning or afterschool on tuseday. This is an ERGENT meeting and all members MUST ATTEND. PLEASE PASS THE WORD ON!!!! ^__^
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